Beck Liners®

Features of the Beck Liner®

*       Consistent material quality and coating to prevent dehydration and to promote consistent block quality

*       Custom printing

*       Pre-folding for ease of product packing

*       Poly-wrapped bundles for ease of handling

*       Constant stock of millions of liners in Seattle and Pusan, South Korea

The Beck Liner®, with a diverse choice of corners and flaps, is designed to meet specific customer requirements for protection against dehydration, for ease of packing and stripping, and for flat block surfaces.  To achieve the perfect block and the minimum of waste, you may not underestimate the importance of high quality packaging.  The Beck Liner® has developed constantly throughout the last 35 years and this process is continuing.


Our flexo printing capabilities enable us to offer printing of a quality that can be compared with the traditional and somewhat more costly offset printing.  More and more customers use printing on their Beck Liners.  Some only to indicate fish/meat types, others to assist in their marketing via hands-on advertising as their blocks go around the world. 
Many use print schemes to reduce the amount of labor and reduce the possibility of contamination by reducing the amount of manual marking on the blocks.

The perfect block, seen from the outside, is characterized by sharp edges as well as flat and straight sides that do not deviate more than 1 mm in length, width and height from customer specifications.  For optimal yield, the block is free of any ice coating and there is no dehydration. This optimizes the processing and minimizes the waste.  Beck Liners® will help you to reach this level of perfection.  For more information regarding block processing, please go to the block processing manual at Beck Pack Systems A/S.

Fish Block Manual

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